Happy Holidays Everyone!

The Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County, NJ welcomes you.

Dear Fellow Members, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Itís hard to believe that we are into the holiday season; where does the time go?

This month, we also have our Christmas Party and our elections. I'd like for us to consider making this yearís party an "Adult Party". Since only a few children have been showing up the past few years and our problem getting a willing "Santa" I thought we might change gears a bit and have just an adult get together. It also occurred to me that since this yearís party will be at the Green Island Community Center, perhaps wine and beer might be allowed? At any rate it's something to consider and let me know your thoughts at our meeting on Dec. 7th.

Officer election will be held at this month's meeting. Final nominations from the floor will be heard. I ask that all members new and old consider running for office. I ask this knowing that few if any of you will even consider it. I must remind you though that if no one is willing, we will very soon run out of recycled people to hold office and the club as we have known it, will fail.

I am also in receipt of a note from an active member that relates very well to this situation, it was written about another organization, but most appropriate.

"Which of These are You?"
Some Members Keep their Club strong,
While others join and just belong.
Some dig right in, and serve with pride
Some go along, just for the ride.
Some volunteer to do their share,
While some lay back and just don't care.
On meeting days, some always show
While there are those who seldom go.
Some always pay their dues ahead,
Some get behind for months instead.
Some do their best, some build, some make
Some never give, but always take
Some drag, some pull, some don't, some do
Consider dear member, which of these are you?

Don't forget to check DowntownTomsRiver.com for information about local shows & events in our area.
Best regards,

Kevin Donahue - President
Sal Ferlise - Vice President
John Cusack - Secretary
Everett Ross - Treasurer
Marge Kurtz-Cusack - Sunshine
Denny Derion - Membership
John Mahoney - Editor
Rob Mahoney - WebMaster


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