Note that Feb. & Mar. club meetings will be relocated...stay tuned...

The Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County, NJ welcomes you.

Hello Members,

I am writing this month’s letter at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee rather than preparing to go to Simko’s. We were supposed to go to Simko’s for our annual Club “thank you” and awards brunch. Two feet of snow changed that. We will try to reschedule as soon as it’s practical.

During last month’s meeting, I tried to give all of you an idea about what I’d like to see happen for us as a Club. I was encouraged by many members after the meeting about making changes, so I hope we’re on the right track.

For those of you who do not attend meetings, please do. I am trying to get more members active in Club activities such as cruises, shows, and perhaps a couple of trips to interesting venues. For example, how about a trip to Laurita Winery?

In looking through our roster, I realized that I’ve never met a huge number of members. How can this be? If you are a dues paying member, why would you not include yourself in our activities? It’s fun!

Again, my idea is for our Club to be more active, especially with Cruise Nights and informal gatherings. I am looking for a location to hold weekly or bi-weekly Cruise Nights on Mondays. Jerry Kettle has also been scouting possible locales for our Cruise Night, and he has been reporting his ideas to me. This is just what I need, help and participation. Potential new members tell me they want to be in a club like the one they knew in the “old days”. They’re looking for a club where guys and gals can get together to work on their cars, and to show off what they’ve done to their cars, or to just talk about anything, especially cars. Please help me achieve this.

IMPORTANT!! Our February meeting on Wednesday the 3rd will be held at “China Buffet King”, 580 Brick Blvd. We will have a private room, beginning at 6PM, so there will plenty of time to eat before we get down to the business of the meeting. The cost is $13.00 per person, which includes your drink, tax, and tip.

If you have not been to a meeting in a while, please join us for some really good food, and maybe you can help me improve some of our activities.

One last thing, on January 9th, your Executive Board and two members attended a new “all clubs” meeting at the Captain’s Inn, in Lacey. We will be meeting again in a smaller group and to try to make up a calendar so that car related events are not all held on the same day, or night. Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

Don't forget to check for information about local shows & events in our area.


Kevin Donahue - President
Sal Ferlise - Vice President
John Cusack - Secretary
Everett Ross - Treasurer
Marge Kurtz-Cusack - Sunshine
Denny Derion - Membership
John Mahoney - Editor
Rob Mahoney - WebMaster


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