Membership renewal time...Club officer elections in Dec.

The Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County, NJ welcomes you.

Hi, Everybody,

My two years as President will end on December 31. This marks the end of me serving a total of six years as President since 1994, and 22 years of serving on the Executive Board. I really enjoyed my time as President, but I feel I havenít done enough. I had plans for activities that never came about. Time has a way of getting away from me. I tried to balance my time between the Club and the Museum, but sometimes my devotion to both organizations was unequal. At least the two entities share the same ideal, and that is to perpetuate the antique automobile.

For me, the best part of being President was writing my monthly message. It gave me the chance to exercise my brain and test my vocabulary. I tried to inject humor into most of my writings, although sometimes, humor couldnít mask the more serious side of life. Humor is subjective. If you donít understand the reference, then itís not funny. Iím not even sure every member reads the newsletter. But if you do and you enjoyed what I wrote, then donít forget my name is John. If you didnít like what I wrote, then my name is Oscar.

I look forward to every monthly meeting, and I can honestly say that in my 23 years as a Club member I can count on one hand the number of meetings Iíve missed; so that would beÖ six. I like seeing all your smiling faces, and I miss the faces that are no longer with us. There are other car clubs in Ocean County that have either not survived, or are having trouble surviving. I wonít name them, but I think you know who they are. The Vintage Automobile Club is still afloat, and I see no danger in its sinking. Thereís a multitude of reasons why our Club is surviving. Itís called membership. The work is hard, and the rewards are little. Itís kind of like working for the Post Office. But if itís one credo our Club should embrace it is ďDedication and SacrificeĒ.

I would like to thank all of our members for their hard work, dedication, and sacrifice in making the Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County the standard of excellence that other clubís strive to achieve. I would especially like to thank the members of the Executive Board whose wisdom, honesty, integrity, and penchant for self-abuse, has made our Club the envy of the old car community.

To Vice-President Gary Stabile: thank you for staying on top of events and activities, and for also providing the best doughnuts in town.

To Denny Derion: thank you for your Secretarial work (when you werenít gallivanting about the country) And a BIG thank you for filling in as Newsletter Editor after Billís passing. And Iím sorry for the sinking boat reference; I know as a writer you hate that.

To Ann Stabile: thank you for filling in for Denny as Secretary while he was gallivanting about the country. And thank you for keeping Gary on the straight and narrow.

To Everett Ross: thank you for making coffee. Oh, and thank you for having the hardest job of allókeeping track of our finances.

To Missy Ippolito: thank you for organizing the Annual Christmas Party. Without your help, our Christmas Comestible would be saltines and cheese whiz.

And to Emil Binz, Arnie Rich, Jim Cangialosi, Al May, Vince Tieto, Walter Piatkowski, Chuck Ferrara, Bill Cooper, Jim Mayland, Harry Yeager, Joe Sinisi, Ed Nigota, Richie Slezak, Ron Blevins, Gail Patnaude, Elliot Roseman, and Bill Bottorff, thank you for being a part of our lives.

For the rest of you: From Valerie and me, Merry Christmas! May all your Christmas presents be the presence of your family wrapped as one.

Don't forget to check for information about local shows & events in our area.

John Mahoney

John Mahoney - President
Gary Stabile - Vice President
Denny Derion - Secretary
Everett Ross - Treasurer
Marge Kurtz-Cusack - Sunshine
Denny Derion - Membership
Bill Bottorff - Editor
Rob Mahoney - WebMaster


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